Welcome to our portfolio displaying a portion of our latest and past work.  In addition to this portfolio there are many other clients that we cannot display due to the nature of those projects.

past work


earthcore is one of Australia’s longest running electronic music events and touring organisations based in Melbourne, Australia, and has been operating since 1993. earthcore is host to several tours each year as well as multiple indoor shows and multi-day outdoor festivals towards the end of the year. Our role in earthcore is quite vast as …

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ICAL China

ICAL China is the China arm of the International Customs & Logistics brand. Our role in this website is to host and maintain the website as well ensure multi lingual features are available for the site to be read via 2 languages.


Freefall was a music record label and events company within Australia.  Freefall ended in approximately 2013 to relocate to Bali, Indonesia, where it continued on as Cybergroove Entertainment.  Our role was to assist with marketing advisory and website developement.  

Laser Scanning

Laser Scanning Pty Ltd specialises in all aspects of surveying and laser scanning industries. Our role within this business was to create a website where the content could be changed by the client and installed on their own inhouse server.


Integrated Shipping Management Services is a company that focuses on the import & export logistics of items to and from Australia. Our role in this organisation is to host and maintain the website’s system so that the client can easily update their own content.

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