web design & development

We don’t just make responsive websites, we create awesome web experiences

We passionately believe that a solid website strategy is essential to the success of almost every type of business regardless of the niche. Your website is your window storefront and point of display to the online world, this applies to any type of website regardless whether it’s in business, media, personal self-promotional or an entirely new and unique startup.

In a well thought out web strategy, all of your marketing efforts and sales funnels end at your website. This means that your website should be considered the most important component of your marketing plan.

Just a few of the major benefits of having a professional website for your brand are; interactive communication, real-time results, measurement and tracking of success, the ability to sell 24 hours per day even whilst you sleep and through highly targeted content to attract specific niche audiences & customers.

How we work as your website partner

At the start of every project, we assist with the web strategy for the brand to help choose the right platform and hosting packages to work with in accordance with your brand’s needs and budget.  Whilst we aren’t set on using any one particular solution,  we do find that many clients prefer the ease of use, flexibility and feature-rich platforms like WordPress and Magento that are a popular choice by many. This comes as no surprise since WordPress alone houses over 25% of all websites on the entire internet whilst Magento provides solutions for a large percentage of the enterprise level ecommerce brands.

Our work is all conducted via the use of Agile Methodologies, which in layman’s terms is an alternative development project management movement that helps teams respond to unpredictability through incremental project stages based on real-time project feedback. What this means for you is that we use your real-time feedback to make your web solution even more amazing.

Our strongest web capabilities

Our team members have no less than over a decade of coding experience.  During this time we’ve built all kinds of web solutions that range from ecommerce & business sites to online communities, advanced multi-site networks, multi-language sites, event platforms, media sites and everything in between.

  • Web Strategy & Advisory
  • eCommerce & Online Stores
  • Responsive Website Design
  • Multi Language Content Management Systems
  • Basic to Advanced WordPress Builds
  • Large Scale Multi-Site Networks
  • Facebook Applications & Integrations
  • Online Community Web Development
  • Sales Landing Pages
  • Newsletters & Template Designs
  • User Experience Design (UX)
  • Cloud Based Business Systems
  • Online Support Systems
  • Web Hosting & Server Management
  • Domain & DNS Hosting
  • SSL Certificates & Installation