AUM Productions

Location: Auckland & North Island, New Zealand
Industry: Outdoor Electronic Music Festivals
Year: 2017

AUM Productions is an Auckland, New Zealand based event company that focuses on various indoor events and outdoor festivals across a vast range of electronic music genres.

The Challenge

AUM was in it’s earlier years and expansion phase of their annual new years multi-day festival.  They were requiring a non-biased third party that was experienced in festival management & marketing to provide advisory and some assistance during the festival along the way.

Our Approach

There were 2 main factors for our approach to this project, the first was marketing advisory during the leadup and post event, whilst the other was onsite event advisory in New  Zealand.   We attended the festival from the setup phase all the way till the end of pack down, taking notes and lending a hand or expertise as requested.   The overall goal was to create a detailed industry audit that was specific and customised for their festival to improve from moving forward.


Asides from the assistance provided onsite, the final audit identified over 70 detailed improvements & recommendations for the future of their event and marketing.

The marketing advisory we provided for AUM assisted with aligning their marketing foundations & strategy, more specifically relating to digital marketing and social media.   

Their team adopted many of our recommendations along with their own ideas and moving forward they had more stable foundations to expand their marketing and they improved on many of the issues mentioned in the audit as appropriate. 

All graphics, web development, ads and actions from the audit were managed internally by AUM Productions’ talented team.  The AUM brand is still going strong in New Zealand today amongst their loyal community. 

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