Colour of Sound

Location:  Melbourne
Industry:  Electronic Music Events
Platform: WordPress, Mailchimp, Facebook & Offline
Year:  2012 – Current

Colour of Sound is a Melbourne based event company that hosts psychedelic trance, alternative and progressive music events since the early 2010’s. 

The Challenge

The Colour of Sound had been in hiatus for a couple of years and it had no website or marketing database, they had a smaller loyal following. There was a Facebook page that was low in likes, engagement and overall strategy.  In addition to this they required assistance with managing their ticketing, budgeting & door management.

Our Approach

First we formed a marketing strategy and commenced the marketing management, this included various tasks such as; managing the marketing team of graphic designers and videographers.  We also got our hands dirty with the website code, promotional print, distribution and social media ads.  We also implemented processes and systems to assist with event budgeting and ticketing using various platforms and shared real-time google drive files.


Colour of Sound’s return in 2016 after their 3 year hiatus from the scene was an amazing success with regular events every couple of months featuring full production, international lineups and sold out venues.  

The brand was revived and growing. Facebook followers & engagement increased dramatically, finally there was a marketing database with regular well designed mailouts that converted and a basic website was created that generated both sales and data.

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