Hard Kandy

Location: Melbourne, Australia
Industry: Electronic Music Events & Festivals
Platform:  WordPress & Facebook
Year: 2016 – Current

Hard Kandy is an events company that has been operating for over 2 decades and is still operating today within the electronic music genres of Trance, Hard Trance, Hardstyle and Hard Dance.  Their involvement with events ranges from small intimate shows of a few hundred people all the way to annual festivals of 20,000+ patrons.

Hard Kandy has had a long-standing record of touring to Australia some of the most talented and popular musicians within its niche, including; A*S*Y*S, Scot Project, Uberdruck, Tuneboy, Technoboy, Dark by Design, Johan Gielan, K90, Lab4, Showtek, Organ Donars, Alex Kidd, Yoji Biomehanika, Marcel Woods and many more.

The Challenge

At the start of our contract with Hard Kandy they had limited access to their previous developer and there were many bugs that needed addressing.  Their platform was slow, difficult to update, their shop was not functioning and being such a reputable brand for so many years it was time to fix their online presence.   They also required marketing advisory with digital marketing and assistance when ads campaigns required a more technical approach.  

Our Approach

Our role in Hard Kandy is to manage their server implementation, website & ecommerce development so that their internal staff can edit the site and store themselves.  The decision to introduce Stripe to handle credit card payments would increase ticket sales instead of PayPal as the only payment method.  

We moved Hard Kandy from an old shared hosting plan they had for years onto a modern fast loading VPS with all the bells and whistles to give it the higher performance their online presence deserved.   We also provide Hard Kandy marketing advisory on an as needed basis, more specifically when advanced remarketing & conversion tracking was involved.


The improvements made initially had near instant impact amongst the business, allowing customer to purchase merchandise and other products from their store again.  The new fast loading server made it easier to deliver information and include advanced features.  

The technical methods and implementation of Facebook Ads integration within their advertising & website also had immediate improvements that resulted in both increased ticket & merch sales.

After a few years, the site that was fixed was in desperate need of a rebrand and upgrade to match & exceed it’s competition.  During 2020 we were given the greenlight to give the site a full facelift with no restrictions from previous code.  Many store improvements were implemented as well a new events area to represent their past, present and future events.

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