FEM Productions was founded in July 2006 by Billy Lockyer. This growing business is known internationally as specialists who can ensure that any type of project within the digital marketing, business management and events industries is completed with a social, modern, fresh and professional approach.  This will suit any company with their own unique requirements.

FEM Productions are industry leaders in social media advertising. There are many self-claimed experts in the social media space, however, not many of them are recognised as official advertising agencies by both Facebook & Google and have been trained directly by these companies respectively. This is where having FEM Productions on your side sets you apart from the competition.

Asides from our social media services we are specialists in website development, marketing strategy, search engine marketing, graphic & print design, event management, business automation, process management, video, and multimedia.

With over a decade of industry experience, there is definitely something to look forward to by utilising our creative and innovative team.

our approach

The FEM Production’s approach is simply to offer personalised and detailed experience for all of your unique requirements from the one place. We offer a large range of services so that you do not need to spend hours in meetings where you are repeating your business’ stance to multiple different professionals.

There are many types of professionals required to build a strong brand, and dealing with this staff can become feel it’s quite lumbersome to manage. FEM Productions removes the heavy lifting and manages the whole process with you whilst compacting over 20 different types of designers/developers/consultants into one simple and affordable package.

message from the director

“Firsly, I would like to thank you for taking the time to read through our website. Over the years I have acquired an extensive range of skills suitable for almost any marketing campaign.  During this time I have turned a particular focus towards all of the mainstream social networks and web development for many years now.

During 2010 & 2011 I was required to travel to Perth for Foxtel Lap and to Macau, China for, Boost Juice Macau as a result of my experience in the field of social media.  My goal with every social media project is to have a smooth and high converting sales funnel that captures the predetermined goals of the campaign.

Since 2012 till now, I have been contracted to travel across 3 continents (Europe, Asia, Oceania) to spread my knowledge and skill sets amongst businesses of all types of niches ranging from music events to startups and large corporate organisations.

From all of my past experiences I have learnt that if you can find someone that has a good knowledge of your business and is able to meet any marketing concept and design requirements then you will not only run your marketing campaigns more efficiently but you will also save time as you do not have to explain the same points of the business to various professionals.

Some of the software our team uses,  we have been mastering for close to 15+ years. I encourage you to contact us via our website if you are interested in hearing about how we can help with your next project.”

Billy Lockyer
Director / Social Media Specialist
FEM Productions

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