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We love bringing your wildest event concepts to life

Creating memorable and awe inspiring events is no easy task as it takes dedication, experience, creativity, passion and smart planning. Often the goal of an event or festival is to leave an unforgettable experience for consumers that’s stamped with your brand’s own unique flavour.

We’ve been in the business of events for well over a decade and have a wealth of experience in Australia, Europe, Asia & New Zealand. We’re not afraid to travel the world to help event companies from all walks of life with their varying and unique needs.

Whilst we are open to helping all kinds of event companies, our specialty is outdoor single & multi-day festivals along with indoor music events, sports events/competitions and industry trade shows/exhibitions.

How we work with your event

We know that hosting an event takes many hands on deck so the first thing we do is find out more about why you’re hosting an event, what your goals are, understanding the roles you need fulfilling and then taking it from there to see where we best fit within your event.

We’re versatile and we’ll strengthen your weakest links.

What we can do for your event

We have plenty of experience in project management of all kinds and are not limited to just marketing and design.

Each event generally has a unique role that they require us to fill, some of the roles we have worked on for event companies are:


Event Advisory & Management

Single or Multi Day Worldwide Events

Marketing Management & Strategy

Social Media Marketing

Event Media Management

Arts Direction

Ticketing, Gate & Door Management

Staff Management & Recruitment

Event Management Software & Implementation

Signage & Print Design

Festival Programming

Event Budgeting

Event Process Management & Advisory

Booking Management

Touring Management

Event Project Management

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