FEM Productions’ Code Ethics are the Terms & Conditions (aka Terms of Trade) all clients accept by default for utilising FEM Productions time & resources. FEM Productions reserves the right to add, change and/or modify these terms and conditions at any time without additional written consent.

Location: FEM Productions is regularly approached by clients trying to get us to work onsite. FEM Productions occasionally works onsite but we must always reserve the right to work offsite if we choose. The main reason for this is; we have multiple clients and we cannot dedicate all of our time to one client.

Communication: Communication is the most important part of every project. All of our work is completed in detailed layering and vector so any part of your product can be modified at any time. We can work within reason using communication methods that you require whether it be in person, instant messaging, phone, email or in some instances post.  Our most preferred contact points are email, instant chat and phone.  We like being in contact as frequently as needed, the communication just needs to be on a basis of if there is any questions, queries & updates.

Questions from clients are always wanted and important. The more you know about what you want from the finished product, the quicker the job will be completed.

Availability:   Depending on the complexity of the project, most jobs are completed in between 1 day to 4 weeks.  If there is a large urgency on the job additional costs may apply providing FEM Productions meets the deadline. Some jobs can be completed within 24 hours. It is important to note that especially with websites, the more organised you are with briefs and required information the quicker the project will be finished.

Quotes:  All quotes and introduction meetings are obligation free. Our prices are aggressive, affordable and negotiable.

Preparing for your project: FEM Productions highly recommends that you speak to us as early as possible, before you have even started acting on your project preferably. By doing this we are able to offer the best quality service. If your a little bit rushed for time then this is ok, just contact us immediately. Having content ready for print projects is preferred, however, for internet and web projects, try to contact us before you start writing your contact (this especially applies to those who are looking to rank in either Google or Facebook).

Don’t be that guy, avoid scope creep:  If you are unaware what scope creep is, it’s when a client asks for something and then attempts to add more and more to the deal either without paying for what’s being asked or expecting the same timeline of the project.   We understand that ideas form after projects start as it’s the nature of creativity, however, we feel it’s best that once you have written your brief for us if you have extra ideas once the project is well into production then sure run them past us, but in many cases that relate to design and development services you may find that we need to push those ideas to the next round of changes and brief.  Marketing on the other hand can be a little bit more flexible.

Payments:  Third Party payment agencies such as PayPal are available only on request, however, clients must wear the transaction cost of PayPal services.  Clients are encouraged to pay via electronic bank deposit/direct debit.   Each finished product has a standard 14-day post pay business account from the date of the invoice (unless otherwise agreed to in writing before starting the project). All jobs are inclusive of GST (Australian Tax Laws).  Note that for larger projects a 50% deposit may be requested, however, this is decided on a case by case basis.

Overdue Invoices: FEM Productions reserves the right to charge an additional 10% of the invoice cost for overdue fees on invoices exceeding 14 days past the due date along with additional fees to recover invoice via financial services, should this approach be required. FEM Productions is understanding to client circumstances; the process we follow for overdue invoices is;

  1. The invoice is sent out with a 14 day account (unless otherwise discussed in writing).
  2. During the final week of the invoice due date the client may be sent the 1st official reminder that an invoice is due along with a warning that additional overdue costs may be included in 14 days if a date for payment is not supplied by the client.
  3. 14 days after an invoice is due, if an invoice has not been paid and the client has not explained why the invoice has not been paid then an additional 10% of the invoice cost will be included. This is the second official warning that states in an additional 14 days (30 days after due date) financial services will be required at the client cost.
  4. If by 30 days after the invoice is due either the payment hasn’t been made and the client has not communicated why the invoice hasn’t been paid then we would be forced to track through heavy legals until our work is paid for.

Note: Unfortunately we never wanted to include a procedure like this, but over the years we have run into plenty of trouble with some clients paying late or trying to not pay at all. It is always our first preference to settle any payment and invoice disputes civilly, mutaully and swiftly without requiring any legal action.

Code Ethics / Guarantee Policy: The projects are not completed until both FEM Productions & the client are satisfied. All that is asked from the client is to supply as much information as possible at the start of the project to make the job easier, faster & smoother.  Another expectation is for the client to have good communication throughout the project to ensure the desired outcome is reached efficiently. Clients must keep in mind that the information and idea of what you want then the job will be more cost effective for you.

Copyright:  All finished products are copyrighted to both the client and FEM Productions.  If any third party copyrighted material is used then it is legally bound to ensure the clients are securely protected under copyright laws. Distribution of finished projects are entirely the decision of the client.

Copyright Laws can incur very serious infringements if not handled by professionals do not leave your company at risk of copyright infringements.

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