earthcore is one of Australia’s longest running electronic music events and touring organisations based in Melbourne, Australia, and has been operating since 1993. earthcore is host to several tours each year as well as multiple indoor shows and multi-day outdoor festivals towards the end of the year.

Our role in earthcore is quite vast as we work amongst the senior management team and utilise almost every service that we offer. All year around we manage the marketing team which includes web developers, graphic designers, social media specialists, videographers, photographers, audio producers, PR consultants, ticketing, printers and distribution companies. From time to time our tasks extends into event budgets and management, as well business process management on an as needed basis.

Towards the end of the year our roles have included more event project management for the festival, the departments we have managed at the 5 day outdoor festival during the past are; ticketing & gate management, arts coordination (galleries, performers, vjs, activities & installations), media management, environmental initiatives strategy, festival programming (music/arts/activity times) and theme camp management (renegade stages). The departments we run each year varies depending on what projects need to be fulfilled.

Disclaimer: Due to the fact we work mostly in project management of this client, there are many other subcontractors recruited by earthcore who play important parts in their various departments. FEM Productions has assistance from earthcore’s subcontractors to achieve the final result and meet the overall strategies that we implement.

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