Tree of Life Festival

Location:  Turkey, Greece, Germany, Belgium, Israel & Portugal
Industry:  Outdoor Electronic Music Events & Festivals
Platform: WordPress, Facebook, Mailchimp & Offline
Year: 2012 – Current

Tree of Life Festival is a touring events & festivals company since 2012.   Each year Tree of Life Festival would hold regular pre-events all across Europe and an annual flagship 7 day music & arts festival in Turkey or Greece (depending on the year).

The events would feature some of the most popular psychedelic & alternative music artists as well as rising stars.   Just a few of the names who’ve played at these events include; Ace Ventura, Grouch, Perfect Stranger, Electrypnose, U-Recken, Ajja, Sensient, Kaya Project, Ott, Morten Granau, Eat Static,  Electric Universe, Solar Fields and too many more to name…

The Challenge

Our Approach

FEM Productions has a large involvement with the Tree of Life Festival organisation from Israel since 2012 until present.   Tree of Life Festival is a 7 day music, arts & culture festival held in is the mountains and beaches of Europe each year.   

Each year FEM Productions flys over to assist within the senior management team during the event, from 2013 till 2015 we worked on the festival in Izmir, Turkey, 2016 saw a break year whilst they prepare to move the event to Greece for 2017.

Some of our roles in Tree of Life Festival include assisting with are: website development, graphic design, Facebook Ads, entry gate & event management, festival media management, business processes improvement, online & offline marketing.


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