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We’ve been working with music events since 2006, even before the formation of FEM Productions and gained invaluable industry experience with many of Australia’s largest music brands, artists, events and festivals.

Our experience within this niche has extended beyond the borders of Australia and across various regions of Europe, Asia and Oceania.

Throughout our history we’ve worked in almost every department of music events and have a deep understanding of event management which extends from marketing to arts direction, gate management, festival programming, recruitment, promotions, ticketing, budgeting and process management.

Colour of Sound

Colour of Sound is a Melbourne based event company that hosts psychedelic trance and progressive music events since the early 2010’s. Our main role in this business is marketing strategy and management. This includes varied tasks such as; managing the marketing team of web developers, graphic designers, videographers and social media staff. Asides from management …

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AUM Productions

AUM Productions is an Auckland, New Zealand based event company that focuses on various indoor events and outdoor festivals across a vast range of electronic music genres. Our role in AUM consists of marketing and event advisory. The marketing advisory we provide for AUM is assistance with aligning their marketing foundations, more specific towards web …

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Bali Clubbing

Bali Clubbing is a music, events and nightlife niche news & blog site based in Bali, Indonesia.  Our role with this website is to host and maintain their website design & development.  We also provide marketing advisory for the brand on an as needed basis.  


earthcore is one of Australia’s longest running electronic music events and touring organisations based in Melbourne, Australia, and has been operating since 1993. earthcore is host to several tours each year as well as multiple indoor shows and multi-day outdoor festivals towards the end of the year. Our role in earthcore is quite vast as …

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Freefall was a music record label and events company within Australia.  Freefall ended in approximately 2013 to relocate to Bali, Indonesia, where it continued on as Cybergroove Entertainment.  Our role was to assist with marketing advisory and website developement.  

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